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The Wild Trout Association (WTA) is an organisation of riparian owners with trouting waters at their disposal, and affiliate members, who provide services and facilities such as guiding and accommodation.

Eastern Cape Highlands

Although trout fishing is the major sport practised in the region, there are umpteen other attractions such as snow-skiing, hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching, pony riding, rock art viewing and many more.

The Dirt RoadWildTrout Association

A guide to FLY FISHING in the Eastern Cape Highlands.

Preface from the Chairman

2020 was a veritable “annus horribilis” what with a country thoroughly drenched with corrupt individuals and...

The Wild Trout Association Wall of Shame

Down the years, dodgy fishermen’s activities’ have necessitated taking a radical step by using freely available modern...

Guidelines for arranging fishing on WTA waters

Fishing on Wild Trout Association water is arranged by purchasing a day permit that allows access to water on WTA...

WTA Marketing Activities & Festival Catch Summary

The Wild Trout Association has organised a number of successful expos, workshops and festivals dating back to 1992,...

Winter Fishing

In the autumn of 2011, it was proposed that the streams and rivers administered by the Wild Trout Association (WTA)...

Where does the WTA operate?

The greatest concentration of fly-fishing on wild running water available to the public in Southern Africa is to be...

What does the WTA do?

The formation of the WTA brought about long-needed access to these waters and has been remarkably successful in doing...

The Wild Trout Association

The Wild Trout Association (WTA) is an organisation of riparian owners with trouting waters at their disposal, and...

Fishing Permits:

Whereas the Wild Trout Association has provided enthusiasts with half-day day permits in more recent years, it has become thoroughly apparent that it has severe shortcomings and is open to abuse. Accordingly, day permits will continue to be sold at R150/day, whether the purchaser fishes for an hour or for 10 hours a day. This will be with immediate effect i.e. as from 4-10-2021

Fly Fishing the Eastern Cape Highlands

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