Eliasdale & Clefthill

Ronnie & Tienie Small

Bokspruit bridge                               S 30° 53’ 05.63”       E 27° 53 02.64”E

Clefthill on the Bokspruit by Dave Walker


Take the Bokspruit turnoff from the R396 between Mosheshsford and Rhodes. Continue down the pass past the entrance to the Clefthill farmstead and on around the corner to the bridge over the Bokspruit. There are gates into fields on either side of the bridge where one can park off the road. Clefthill water is upstream of the Bokspruit bridge and Eliasdale is downstream of the same bridge

Eliasdale on the Bokspruit by Dave Walker



Ronnie & Tienie Small

Downstream                      30° 54’ 26.12” S     27° 54’ 34.16” E

Upstream                          30° 55’ 31.84” S     27° 56’ 13.06” E

As for Clefthill and continue over bridge to a fork at the Eliasdale farmstead. Take the road to the left marked “Bokspruit”. Continue to the next fork and take the road to the right to the Bokspruit. Continue, crossing another bridge over the Bokspruit at Welgemoed, passing lands on the right to where a row of poplar trees extends from the road to the Bokspruit on the right. This is the downstream boundary. Park inside a gate where a sign on the right reads “Buckstone”. Walk a short distance from there to the Bokspruit and fish upstream of the row of poplars. Fish the northern bank only until reaching a concrete ford across the Bokspruit from where both banks may be used until the end of the beat beyond the Birnam and Killmore structures. From the upstream boundary of Knockwarren one may continue to fish from the bridge upstream and from the northern bank only until reaching the Birnam/Killmore boundary +-800m upstream from the bridge.

Buckstone on the Bokspruit – by Dave Walker



Sarel & Benita Steenekamp

Turnoff, Knockwarren bridge        S 30º 55’ 17.57”        E 27º 55’ 30.31”

Upstream:                                  S 30º 55’ 20.65”        E 27º 55’ 29.06”

Downstream:                              S 30º 54’ 48.27”        E 27 º 54 46.91”

Continue past Welgemoed for +-2,5km until the road splits and the farm sign is found. Continue down the road on the right across the Bokspruit and on until reaching the farmstead. The road continues behind the farmhouse and through two gates down to a point next to the Bokspruit.  Park here and fish upstream to a point below the road bridge where the trees behind the sign and next to a land in the image below form the upstream boundary of Knockwarren.


Knockwarren entrance is to the left of the sign – by Dave Walker



Manie & Elsa Maree

Directions as for Clefthill then continue over the Bokspruit bridge and around a corner taking the road on the left at the Eliasdale farmstead marked “Bokspruit”. Continue to the next fork and take the road to the left marked “Riflespruit”. Hillbury is divided into three beats, lower, middle and upper. Access points to the lower and middle sections are marked with green and orange markers respectively. The upper section is from the bridge at the confluence of the Rifle- and Bokspruits upstream until reaching a right hand bend in the stream located against a sandstone krantz. 


Lower Hillbury by Dave Walker


Lower Hillbury

Lower Hillbury – green markers

Entrance gate:                             S 30° 53’ 11.55”         E 27° 54’30.45”

Downstream boundary                  S 30° 52’ 18.47”         E 27°53’17.90”

Turn off at the green marker at the gate adjacent to the farm workers accommodation and follow the green markers to the Bokspruit.


Middle Hillbury

Entrance gate:                             S 30° 52’ 58.63”          E27° 54’ 34.51”

Continue past the farm workers accommodation and past the farmstead entrance.  Turn off to the left after the entrance to the farmstead immediately before the bridge over the Bokspruit. Continue along the track towards the river until reaching a poplar plantation. Fish upstream to the bridge and downstream to where a large rock will be found in the Bok adjacent to a sandstone cliff.

Middle Hillbury by Dave Walker


Upper Hillbury

Entrance gate:                            S 30° 52’ 59.77”          E 27° 54’32.11”

Upstream boundary                     S 30° 53’ 17.58”          E27° 54’ 47.00”

Continue past the middle Hillbury sign. <100m further is a gate on the right. Turn in and continue past a milking shed and on down to the confluence of the Rifle- and Bokspruits. Park and fish upstream for a short distance until reaching a fence on the Riflespruit +-300m from the confluence. Alternatively, upstream on the Bokspruit until the boundary that is at a pool that has a sandstone cliff on the left and where the stream does a right-angled turn away from the cliff.

Upper Hillbury by Dave Walker



Abraham & Shirley Botha

Entrance on sharp corner              S 30° 55’ 29.01”        E 27° 56’ 55.90”

Upstream boundary:                     S 30° 56’ 02.31”        E 27° 57’ 58.09”

Downstream boundary:                 S 30° 55’ 31.16”        E 27° 56’ 14.10”

Continue past Knockwarren until reaching a sign on the left denoting the downstream boundary of the beat. Park where convenient, negotiate the fences and fish upstream from both banks. Alternatively, continue until reaching a farm cemetery, park and walk back to the boundary. Or another option is to continue to a sharp turn to the left, situated between a farmhouse on the left and farm sheds on the right. Find a shady spot in the yard, park and fish upstream.

Birnam by Dave Walker



Ronnie & Tinnie Small

Upstream boundary:                     S 30° 56’ 02.31         E 27° 57’ 58.09” 

Downstream boundary:                 S 30° 55’ 31.16”       E 27° 56’ 14.10”

Killmore is on the southern bank of the Bokspruit directly opposite Birnam. Access can be gained through Birnam as described above.



Janbert & Caroline Reeders         

Upstream boundary:                     S 30° 56’ 43.08”      E 27° 58’ 49.62”

Downstream boundary:                 S 30° 56’ 02.31”      E 27° 57’ 58.09”

Continue past Knockwarren until an avenue of conifers is found on the right-hand side of the road. The farmstead is on the right towards the end of the avenue of trees. Turn in, park and walk back down the road for +-2km until the “mat” adjacent to a lucerne land on the southern bank is found close to where the Eskom power line crosses the Bokspruit. Fish upstream until reaching a poplar wood that demarcates the end of the beat.  Alternatively park near a long pool a short distance before the avenue of trees, walk back and enjoy the fishing.

Bothwell guest-farmhouse by Dave Walker


Glen Nesbitt

Ronnie & Tinnie Small

Entrance                                      S30° 56’ 41.72 “          E27° 58’ 52.22”

+-100m past the Bothwell entrance is the entrance to Glen Nesbitt. It has a Lilliputian tributary of the Bokspruit that starts immediately before the entrance. Best fished after good summer rains and not on your own. Stunning summer flowers in the valley.



Autumn shades in De Wet Street in Rhodes by Susan Kölz


Glen Nesbitt stream from the bridge adjacent to the farm entrance that is to the right looking upstream by Dave Walker




Roland Walker

Entrance                                    S 30º 56’ 49.14”        E 27º 59’ 01.89”

Upstream boundary                    S 30° 57’ 59.79”       E 27° 59’ 57.48”

Continue past Bothwell, cross a concrete bridge at Glen Nesbitt and take the left hand track passing the farmhouse situated on the right. Continue until passing stripped sheds and fish upstream from the ford. Beware of high water on the fords from this point onwards. During inclement weather both Gateshead and Brucedell should only be attempted in 4x4 vehicles beyond this point. A condition of fishing Brucedell is that fish < 200mm should be culled and fed to the crabs. A plunge pool below a spectacular waterfall when in spate can provide good sport. See further on for “high and dry” images.


Brucedell by Dave Walker



Basie & Carien Vosloo

Entrance                           S 30° 57’ 59.79”       E 27° 59’ 57.48”

Continue past Knockwarren, Bothwell, Glen Nesbitt and Brucedell until the end of the road is reached where the farm cottage will be found. Park here and fish upstream for +-5km or +-1km downstream to the Brucedell boundary “mat”. The terrain becomes increasingly rough upstream and is not recommended for the unfit or being  on your own.

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