Tauber van Zyl – 045 971 9027

Entrance gate:                      S 30° 54’ 16.06”          E 27° 36’ 32.23”

Downstream boundary:         S 30° 54’ 30.04”          E 27° 35’ 21.36”

Upstream boundary:             S 30° 52’ 55.39”          E 27°35’ 49.60”


On the R396 to Rhodes, travel +-9km from Barkly East until reaching two farmsteads on the left. Turn in at the first gate and follow the road past the farmhouse on the right and past the sheds behind the farmhouse. Continue through a series of gates and down a mountain pass until reaching the Kraai River. From Rhodes, past Moshesford and The Caves until reaching the two houses on the right. The first is marked “Lekkerbly – Tauber en ou Mouna van Zyl”. Continue to the next entrance and continue as above.



Dirk & Lorita Odendaal

Entrance  - gate off the R58;         S 30° 57’ 17.84”        E 27° 27’ 33.76”

Upstream boundary;                     S 30° 55’ 08.91”        E 27° 27’ 54.32”

Situated opposite “Waterval” on the Kraai where the R58 crosses between Barkly East and Lady Grey. Take R58 over bridge headed towards Lady Grey. A few hundred meters after crossing the Kraai there is a warning sign on your left and almost immediately thereafter a gate on the right.  Enter and follow the path down through the field toward the river (the track zig-zags across the field.) Park next to a small rondawel and fish upstream on the left (western) bank.  One may also fish downstream below the bridge but the exciting water is upstream.


The Kraai River at Donny Brook – note the log deposited on top of the big rock, then compare the height to the height of the fisherman – the Kraai River can and does get very cross

 –  image  by Tony Kietzman



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