STERKSPRUIT – from Moshesh upstream


Hannes Nel

Entrance gate:                                 S30º 53’ 23.20”           E27º 47’ 11.11”

At the bridge over the Kraai River near Moshesh’s Ford, take the R393 to Elliot. Travel for +-3km passing a farmhouse on the left with huts on the right adjacent to a poplar plantation. Continue for +-300m until reaching a gate on the left.  Enter the beat through this gate and park off the road. From this point walk to the Sterkspruit and fish up or downstream from the western bank only. The topmost boundary is below the Birkhall pump station where the Sterkspruit flows +-50m from the R393. 

The bottom boundary is WELL upstream of a farm road bridge across the Sterkspruit to a farm known as Black Rock that is not part of the WTA and therefore, although tempting, it may not be fished! THE LOWER BOUNDARY IS MARKED BY A BARKLY EAST ANGLING SOCIETY SIGN. DO NOT CROSS!

Jennerville by Dave Walker



Basie & Carien Vosloo

Entrance – dam & river                   S30º 54’ 15.27”         E27º 47’ 02.22”

Continue past Jennerville until the Birkhall homestead can be seen on a promontory on the right, +-7km from Moshesford. Opposite the entrance to Birkhall is a silver painted gate. This is the entry point to both dam and river fishing on Birkhall. For the latter, continue past the dam until reaching the Sterkspruit. Fish upstream from this point until reaching a “mat” +-500m below a bridge across the Sterkspruit.


Birkhall by Dave Walker

Alternatively, access can be gained via a gate located +-500m further on the left. This track leads down to the Sterkspruit.




Rene Vosloo

Entrance gate                                  S 30º55’ 30.81”          E27º 47’ 34.14”

Continue past Birkhall passing the “Aartappelhoogte” turnoff back to Rhodes. Continue down the pass and as the road levels, the entrance to this beat is a gate on the left. This point is at the middle of the beat from where one can fish both up and downstream for +-1km each way. The upstream marker is +-300m downstream of a bridge to the farm Caerlaverock across the Sterkspruit whilst the downstream marker is adjacent to a land +-400m upstream of a bridge across the Sterkspruit. A landmark at this point is a diesel tank beside the land easily seen from the river.


Branksome by Dave Walker

More recently, Branksome has been converted by Basie Vosloo’s sister Rene into a guest farm with accommodation, restaurant and pub. SEE MEMBER'S ACCOMMODATION.



Dawie & Ilse Naude

Gate to parking:                             S 30° 56’ 25.37”       E 27° 47’ 46.26”

Upstream boundary:                       S 30°’ 57’ 20.64”      E 27° 47’ 52.31”

Travel past Branksome passing the turnoff to Caerlaverock until reaching a shop at a corner on the right and from where one can see an unwalled shed on the left. A gate on the left between these two landmarks is the entry point to the Broadford beat. Follow the track to the river’s edge adjacent to a weir. Park and fish upstream to the first point where the Sterkspruit runs next to the R393 to Elliot. Fish from the right hand (western) bank only.

Broadford by Dave Walker


Farnham & Granard           

Isak Botha

Entrance to homestead                 S 31º 02’ 10.67”          E27º 48’ 47.54”

+- 26km from Moshesford on the R393 to Elliot cross a bridge over the Sterkspruit immediately before Moorcourt & continue for 3km until reaching the turnoff on the left to Farnham. Continue +-300m to the farmstead from where the owner will provide directions to the water.

Entrance to Farnham by Tony Kietzman


Knighton & Coldbrook

Charl Tauber

Entrance:                                           S 31°03’ 07.33 “         E 27° 49’ 40.41”

Approximately 4km after the Farnham turn off, on the crest of a ridge take the sign posted turn to the left, marked Knighton. At the bottom of the hill, the first turn to the left leads to the farmstead. Turn off and continue until reaching the farmstead +-1km along the road where the owner will direct you to the water.  Alternatively, continue past the turn to the homestead, cross the Sterkspruit and park in the camp on the right hand side just after crossing the river. The Coldbrook joins the Sterkspruit to the left of the bridge.

The entrance to Knighton  – by Tony Kietzman


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