Bell Blog  9-10-2012                                                   Wildside                                                                                      8622


Tom Lewin and Mike Mckeown were down for a few days and I introduced them to Wildside on the Kraai. This is one of the more spectacular WTA beats with its massive sandstone cliffs and rock formations. We were greeted by the gracious hosts, Kate and Phil and given coffee while we tackled up. This was to be a bamboo day, Tom fishing a four weight American collectible while I strung the Dugmore wisp with a silk line. The area is fishing very well, especially the Sterkspruit where numerous fish in the 13-15” range are being taken, the Sterk is joined by the Bell and then becomes the Kraai. The river was looking awesome, crystal clear and where the bottoms are sand, totally clean gravel. We have this annual window before the rains arrive and while other waters in the area are dropping the Kraai flows strongly because everything else on this side of the escarpment  flows into it. We took numerous smaller trout in the ten to thirteen inch range. The amazing thing about these fish is their condition factor and most left the water numerous times after being hooked. The fish have a similar appearance to those living in the Sterkspruit, silver, few spots and a greenish tinge to their sides. The fish were more interested in nymphs but I got a lot on dries, especially the parachute RAB. Yellowfish were seen feeding over the bedrock in shallow rapids but we were unable to interest them in our offerings. During the late afternoon we moved upstream where Tom finally managed to connect with a fine Yellowfish. The good news is that, after a long absence, Tom now realises what he has been missing: we await his return.