Thanks to;       

Martin Davies of the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science, Rhodes University, Grahamstown for the many hours debating the framework within which the WTA was eventually established, developed and maintained. His enthusiasm for developing fly-fishing opportunities in the Highlands of the Eastern Cape, the province and southern Africa has been unflagging and an inspiration;

            The late Brian von Holdt, past Chairman of the Eastern Cape Chapter of the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers (FOSAF), for his unfailing support of the Wild Trout Association. He was an exemplary person with a never-ending source of enthusiasm and inspiration who led by example. His dedication to the East Cape Chapter of FOSAF and the Wild Trout Association is the stuff that legends are made of. He is sorely missed;

Ed Herbst, Dr Tom Sutcliffe, Tony Kietzman, Tom Davies, George Brooks, Pieter Taljaard, Susan Koelz, Mario Geldenhuys, Ilan Lax, Sharland  Urquhart, Paul Zille, Miles Divett, Nick Hlozek, Graham Fiford & Jason Snodgrass, Ian Cox, Nigel Vaughan for their fine contributions Ed Herbst again for his revised and expanded article on insects and flies

Prof Colin Lewis for the chapter on the Physiography of the Kraai River Catchment;

Brandhouse, purveyors of Bell’s Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky for sponsoring the Bell’s Whisky Wild Trout Festival from 19996 to 2009. In particular, our thanks to Derek Cuthbert for encouraging their support of the Association up until 2009

Riparian members without whose participation there would be no access to so much fishing water and therefore no Wild Trout Association;

The fly-fishing public without whose support there would be no point to the Wild Trout Association;

Bruce Cohen for creating much-needed order in the 10th edition which laid the foundation for this revised edition;

Alison Stent who built on the foundation laid by Cohen and rectified my subsequent journalistic errors;

Mario Geldenhuys for our website’s “Joomlafication” & occasional maintenance of the WTA website that is based on this guidebook;      

Professor Paul Skelton director of SAIAB (South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity) for allowing us to include illustrations by the late Dave Voorvelt of fish found in the area from his book “A complete guide to the Freshwater Fishes of South Africa” published by Southern Book Publishers, 1993;

Roger Bills, Curator, freshwater fishes, SAIAB (South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity) for his assistance in revising all of the descriptions of the species of the area;

Geoff Dalglish for the descriptions of various mountain passes and routes in the area;

Werner Barkemeyer for the information and image of the local hoverfly;

The late Martin van Riet then of Epson South Africa, for arranging festival sponsorship by Epson South Africa since 2012 and which subsequently included the printing of the guidebook. We wished him well in his retirement from Epson in 2018 and mourn his Covid-induced departure .

Sheena Carnie of Flyfishing magazine for a copy of the late Brian von Holdt’s obituary, published in 2003

Dr Chris von Holdt & family for images of the late Brian von Holdt

Sean de Wet & Tony Kietzman for participating in the farm sign surveys and the many photographs taken en route

Ed Herbst for proof-reading new & tweaked sections of this pubkication.

Jake Alletson & Maxi Holder for assistance with the electro-fishing project and SASS river assessment

Ed Herbst for not one but three more articles, one being “Bizarre Bid” and the other “Fly fishers can help charity”

Ian Cox for his contribution regarding the NEMBA/DEA fiasco

Leonard Olyott for producing the brand-new set of maps included in this edition. His efforts are a fine testament to the GIS skills that started off in the 90s when at the under-graduate place known as Rhodes University while working on the WTA GIS project. These skills have been honed and a small portion is reflected in the maps. This plus the power of modern technology as he lives in Australia!

Peter Baxter – Fishing in Rhodes, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Nick Hlozek for undertaking to polish the WTA website

Fred Steynberg Highland fly selection & images

Greg Carstens Something out of the mainstream

Craig Stone for bringing the new sponsors, Dirt Road Traders on board.

Nigel Vaughan for his reminiscences of fishing here over decades

And apologies to others whose names may have been omitted in error!

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