Bell Blog 28-9-2012                                                Malpas                                                                       8618

The weather had moved in and while driving in the rain Brian and I debated whether or not we would even get out of the car when we arrived at the beat. As things turned out the rain stopped as we parked and stayed away until we got into the vehicle at the end of the day. We saw and raised very few fish as we moved upstream and we were having the normal blame the barometer discussion when we rounded a bend and saw a rising fish. Brian had a go and took a feisty 13” rainbow. We then noticed that there were rising fish in the pool above. After watching for a while we worked out that the fish were feeding on caddis busy laying eggs. The small brown insects moved upstream against the current for about 50cm then drifted back down only to resume the process. The fish had keyed in on the ovipositors and sipped them from the surface. Neither of us had a suitable imitation so we continued casting RABs. Brain and I took turns picking off the fish as they rose. The amazing thing was that by waiting and watching we were able to take about eight fish from a relatively small area of water without spooking the pool totally. The fish were all feisty adults in the 13-15” range, in amazing condition and very pretty with densely spotted backs and pink sides. Upstream we took another fish or two from very fast and shallow chutes between the rocks. Our experiences of the day just go to prove the importance of taking one’s time and observation.