Dave Moore

Upstream boundary:           S 30° 51’ 51.17”          E 28° 03’ 03.31”

Downstream boundary:       S 30° 51’ 11.47”          E 28° 01’ 49.41”

Park at Mt Mourne below where the fenced fields are located long before the farmstead. Follow the stock path on the left of the road and continue up the valley until reaching a fence marking the upper boundary of Mt Mourne crossing into Francisdale. The terrain is reminiscent of the sections of Brucedell and Gateshead.

Aasvoelkrans on Francisdale by Miles Divett


Mount Mourne        

Braam Botha 

Entrance & lower boundary:           S30° 51’ 36.46 “        E 27° 59’ 52.97”

Upstream boundary:                     S 30° 51’ 11.47”         E 28° 01’ 49.41”

From Rhodes on the R396 to Barkly East, travel for +-13km until reaching the Bokspruit turnoff close to the Donkerhoek Telkom tower. Travel down the pass & cross the bridge over the Bokspruit. Continue around a corner where a fork will be found. Take the road on the left to the Bokspruit. Continue until the next fork & take the road on the left. Continue up the Riflespruit until reaching lands immediately before reaching the farmstead. Park on the left next to the lands and make your way to the water along the path on the northern edge of the lands.

Mt Mourne by Dave Walker



Vissie and Karen van Zyl

Upstream boundary:                     S 30* 51’ 56.08”        E 27* 58’ 51.12”

Downstream boundary:                 S 30° 51’ 47.20”        E 30° 51’ 56.08”

Continue past Hillbury passing a “holkrans skuur” on the right. Park adjacent to the farmhouse and fish up or downstream for +-1km up or downstream.

Borestone holkrans shed - landmark by Susan Kölz



Ronnie & Tinnie Small

Upstream boundary                 S 30° 51’ 36.46”                     E 27° 59’ 52.97”

Downstream boundary             S 30° 52’ 00.11”                     E 27° 58’ 53.47”

Thirlstone entry point by Dave Walker

Directions as for Hillbury and continue past Borestone until passing a turnoff to the right. Continue until reaching a poplar wood on the right where you can park in the shade and the entry point is on the opposite side of the road and as shown in the image above. Fish upstream until reaching the Mt Mourne boundary where the road is high up on the river bank on the right of the Riflespruit.



Dave Moore

Upstream boundary              S 30° 51’ 47.20”                    E 30° 51’ 56.08”

Downstream boundary          S 30° 52’ 15.14”                    E 27° 55’ 36.27”

This beat is located downstream of Borestone and the most central parking and recommended access point is amongst poplar trees on the left near a new shed that is also on the left shortly before a shed that is next to the road on the right. Being in the flood plain below the narrow valley of the gorge on Mt Mourne, recent floods have re-arranged the streambed leaving vast quantities of rocks and gravel strewn across the valley but still with eminently fishable pools, especially after upstream precipitation. The late Elwin Love from Maclear fished this beat in the mid to late 90s. He’d call in on the way home announcing his arrival by way of a “Hey boss-man, hey, I just caught a MAMBA!” (read Big Trout). “Oh really El, where?” His vague response was “Ah boss, up there, you know”, loathe to reveal the exact whereabouts of the monster fish. Pressed, he’d eventually say that he had fished on the Riflespruit. “Ah, poaching again!” said I. Anxious not to be labelled as such, he promptly replied “No, no, the Moore’s said I could fish there” – and then realised he’d given the game away as to the beat but would not reveal the pool, despite many beers! A remarkable man was Elwin whose early unscheduled departure is sorely lamented by all who had the pleasure of meeting him. He also left a large vacuum in the fly fishing world in Maclear.

Parking on Bemerside – by Dave Walker


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