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The Wild Trout Association (WTA) is an organisation of riparian owners with trouting waters at their disposal, and affiliate members, who provide services and facilities such as guiding and accommodation.

Eastern Cape Highlands

Although trout fishing is the major sport practised in the region, there are umpteen other attractions such as snow-skiing, hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching, pony riding, rock art viewing and many more.

Preface from the Chairman

2020 was a veritable “annus horribilis” what with a country thoroughly drenched with corrupt individuals and organisations at every level in every facet of society plus the advent of the Covid pandemic that was well-exploited by the conscienceless.

   On the other hand, the chairman of the Eastern Cape Highlands Trout Collective passed the word that his community were absolutely delighted by the absence of fly fishers from the end of the last festival until the summer was well underway. Members could do what they do unmolested by fishhooks in camo. So, they fed well, grew well, and bred well!


We were extremely fortunate in having managed to get away with having the 2020 festival largely unhindered other than a friendly and then not so friendly visit by the local constabulary! So, we find ourselves in much the same position as every other entity in the country with significantly reduced day permit sales but hoping for better days ahead with the advent of anti-viral vaccinations. Unfortunately, Martin van Riet of Epson sponsorship fame was one of the victims of the pandemic and Nigel Vaughan & I have seen fit to include a few words in memoriam in this edition.


Being the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the association, it was also right and fitting to prevail upon a staunch supporter, long-time fly fisherman well-acquainted with the waters of the Eastern Cape Highlands whom I have difficulty in imagining his appearance during his corporate era. If you haven’t realised to whom I refer, “Blondie” should come to mind. Alternatively, Miles Divett.


I would also like to welcome Gawie Naude and Joe Sephton to the ranks of riparian members of the association. They have added almost 20km of running water on the Bell River and the Diepspruit to the fly fishing options.


Cheers & tight lines

Dave Walker



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